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iPad Pro Winner Announced!

iPad Pro Winner Announced!

The winner of the June iPad Pro drawing is Tim Bush, of Trust Deed Investments! Congratulations Tim! And thanks to...

June 2016 Broker Closings!

June 2016 Broker Closings!

First National Acceptance Company announces the purchase of 102 notes last month with balances over $7.1 Million!  

Win an iPad Pro!

Every broker who closes a transaction with us between June 1st and June 30th will get their name entered into...

Scott Carson interviews Daniel Malcolm with First National Bank of America

Dan Malcolm recently presented for Scott Carson’s Monday Night Note Webinar. The Monday Note – Buying and Selling Owner Financed...

Fred Foote presentation at the 2016 PaperSource Note Symposium

Watch Fred Foote present “Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb? Or, How Many Months are in a 48 Month Partial?” at...

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